Poem: Japanese Rocking Chair

Japanese Rocking Chair (3/12/17)


Outside, a rocking-chair, on its last legs,

Great Oaks made to arms porch chats & tea dregs

Sitting--- Rings on rings, overlapping stains

I peer inside, at the Trees made to Cranes,

Hung from silk strings cascading from above,

Frozen in time with the hopes of a Dove.


A forest falls -- far across the ocean,

An island screams songs of devotion,


Shook to the core I awake from a daze,

Rippling tremble and branches ablaze.


A vision that sears through oscillation

The tides split my frame, a driftwood nation

Gather me! Transform my purpose divine,

Transubstantiate dried sap into wine,

The pulse in my spine skips across the waves,

Prayer made to Wings and this Chair, made to save.


Kyle ShinComment