Love poem from a Chalkboard to a Karaoke Mic 

Love poem from a Chalkboard to a Karaoke Mic 


They told me You would never make it Big.

That You would amplify All of my pain.

Too loud to love, with heart as black as Spade, 

A card-shark; Held by many more before 


But I’m not scared! Of strings attached to Us,

Though these marks are impermanent for You

I won’t Erase, My Love, Just tilt Your head 

Without Gravity: I’ll serve as your Stage.


And You— Could mute the screeching of the chalk, 

The graceless scribble scratched scrawled unswept—I  

Deserve smooth cursive, with each stroke like waves

Your voice Levitates; oceanic trance.


Let each line from your notes reverberate!

Flush the ash from my dried Skin! Melodies

Like River Nile floods, 40 days and nights 

I’ve waited for you to call roll, in my room—


Step up. Clear your pipes; the whole class watches.


Profess your Heart poems you whispered to me,

Aim high for the smeared words turned Milky Way,

When you run out of Air, Rest on my lap.

Kyle Shin