The Birth of “Son of Paper”

The Birth of “Son of Paper”



I am as dynamic and vibrant as the piece of paper I was

folded from.

Whereas you laughed behind cracked windows of a

fogged up Camry…

—I embraced! the stains.. on my family parchment …


Whereas your attempts to “play on words” are graceless…

Mine are thick, locks of black brush,

MY INK? is more

than denotation.

A sudden stirring sends crossed rivers down spines when

it breathes.

Whereas you begin-middle-end my journey started from

within! The Rhythmic Typist of Birth Certificates had to

pause when he got to My name… Interrupt the smooth

melody of classical piano keys, likely playing Canon in D.


As each new stroke set still on canvas, ancient Chinese

secrets were infused onto red carpet tongues….  


SUSPENDING Tai-pau, as she walked the Pacific ocean on



Whereas you hesitate to raise your hand,

I JUMPING JACK out my seat!

And I’m So Sorry,  you didn’t think to ASK,

It’s just that Tiger Balm in me!


And so YES! SON OF PAPER! A name: like a mustard seed!

A scroll containing multitudes!  

A dream like a flying leaf!

Thanks be to Bessie, the O.G. S-O-P!


Kyle Shin